The Most Amazing Woman in the World (For a While)


Sleeps with her books,

her cat,

her rhetoric.

Imaginary men steal

one at a time into her bedroom.

Perfect men

who stay lodged in her memory

until well after she’s awakened.


She’s cool,

smokes and flirts


from the corners of her mouth,

suggesting she’s more

of a woman than a child.


We met over a plate of cocaine

before Christmas

and swore we’d steal away

to Mexico and marry

in the spring,


to the right bands

and speaking philosophies…


nude on a couch.

Pressed together

like change in my pocket.

Our secret incorporation intact,

coffee and scotch whisky

made her

the most amazing woman

in the world

for a while.


Now she sleeps with her books,

her cat,

her rhetoric,

and an unending train

of imaginary men,

none of whom

are me.





your fingernails are long

and remind me of amorous play

gone wrong with the curve

of your hips.

Those were the nights

I chose to remember

when I choose to remember

those times.

I could write songs about

the ways we made love


the evil curve of your

back while you cried

real tears

through an orgasm

as the blood rouged

your sex

and made trouble for

the hotel maid.

I think now

of other lovers

and the odd fit

of their bodies

to mine.